Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame - The Legends

John D BurgessIn 2009 we want to use the Homecoming Celebrations to collate a list of legendary and influential people from the past to be inducted in our Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame and we need you to suggest names and tell us about the lives of possible inductees, so that we can achieve this goal. These will be musicians, composers and song collectors no longer with us, stretching back, for example, to Robert Burns, Lady Nairne,  Niel Gow, William Marshall and James Scott Skinner through to more recent  times and such influential  figures as Lizzie Higgins, Hamish Imlach, Martyn Bennett and Gordon Duncan,

Currently in the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame we induct 6 'living' inductees each year. (Check out our current Hall of Fame inductees) In 2009 we would still nominate our usual 6 inductees but, in the year of Homecoming, there is an opportunity to present and publicise so much more, thereby raising the profile of Scottish traditional music while honouring our wonderful heritage of musicians composers and song collectors. Many of our great dance band musicians, singers, songwriters have amazing and very interesting stories that we want to share with the world.

The link below is where you can propose an inductee. Please supply as much information as possible including an image of the inductee and remember to tell us why you think this person/band should be inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. Remember the musician has to have been born in Scotland, lived in Scotland for at least 5 years and have made a large contribution to Scottish music and culture.

Propose a legendary musician or band to enter the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame.

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